The body of work in this site expresses the multi-dimensions of my creative life and is represented with fine art oil paintings, photography, monotype prints and photopolymer etching prints.

Some of the paintings are colorful variations of the horizon line which have a long tradition of being the first appearance of separation between spirit and matter or, conversely of a coming together of sprit and matter. These paintings also represent fields of color and the healing influence of color.

The dramatic black and white photography were all taken in New Mexico while hiking in the numerous hills, pueblos and ghost towns. I have hand tinted some of the landscape through the doorways and windows. The aging subject matter is over a hundred years old but the landscape is still the same. That was what I wanted others to see and what I wanted to express.

The monotype prints I did in New Mexico and represent fields of color and many include the horizon line that still fascinates me. Either at the ocean or in the desert.

The photopolymer etching prints are the newest expression of my creative life. I have spent over 40 years rambling around the Southwest and photographing my adventures and the ever changing landscapes of the last century. I especially wanted to portray the historic value. I found that turning the photos into photopolymer etchings provided the vehicle I needed. I could capture the texture and light and in creating an ink color that is in keeping with the enduring nature of the old southwest it gave the prints an “old found treasure” quality that I was looking for.

I consider my creativity an ever changing flowing channel. My art is the result of a process that connects with my heart – using the tools of the medium to create a visual explanation for an experience which has no words.

For a long time in my painting realism was my expression then I found my authentic voice in minimalist pieces with vibrant color. I finally felt I was painting from the inside out not from the outside in.